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A Household Brand
Empowering All, Personally and Professionally.

Having been a member of professional associations and having worked in the development consulting space for the past decade, I have firsthand experience of what is being offered, and I am puzzled as to why Toastmasters, with their exceptional quality, aren't well recognised and dominating these spaces.
Dynamic Learning Programmes
I imagine Toastmasters offering specialised learning programmes tailored to the unique needs of various audiences, including specific industries in corporate settings, retired members, all delivered on a dynamic learning management system that allows us to flexibly update and meet the evolving communication and leadership needs of today and tomorrow.
A Global Community of Changemakers
More Than Talkers.

I see us as a Diverse, Inclusive, Global Community known for adding to the world better parents, better managers, better community leaders and politicians.
Equitable Service Globally
A 24-hour Service Week.

I imagine a day when all Toastmasters have access to Toastmasters services during their working hours.

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As a young African voice with a vision to help people live their lives to the fullest, no matter where they are in the world, I believe that my goal of developing 100,000 honest leaders can make this vision a reality and that Toastmasters can play a pivotal role in developing these leaders.

As a businessman in the world’s most hyper-inflationary economy, my unique accounting experience in a highly volatile market, my expertise as a leadership team coach along with my long volunteer experience since age 6 as a Cub-Scout equips me with the skills I need to be an impactful leader and strengthen the Board.

I would be honoured to represent you, be your voice on the Board, guiding Toastmasters International into the next 100 years of success."
Frank Tsuro
Candidate for International Director

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