About Frank Tsuro

Frank's Resume

Candidate’s Office: International Director

Region Number: 11

Toastmasters member since: 2012

Education: BCompt. Accounting Science (University of South Africa), Certified Professional Coach

Employer and/or position: Self-employed Leadership Development Consultant

Served as District Director of District number: 74

Term of service: 2018 – 2019

In term as District Director, District achieved: Smedley Distinguished

Franks' Story & Vision

“As a member of Toastmasters International, you are on a journey to become a better communicator and leader. But lately, you have been feeling like the organisation isn’t living up to its full potential. You’re paying your dues, but you have been feeling like the organisation is not delivering the value you expect.

I get it. I have faced similar challenges in my own career. I know firsthand the importance of adapting in a changing environment having run my business for a decade in a hyperinflationary Zimbabwe. And I believe that if we want to be the first choice provider of highly dynamic communication and leadership development programs, we will need to not only adapt, but innovate our way to the top…..