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How Toastmasters Clubs Can Help with Personal and Professional Development

Last week, I wrote about how if your club has a clear operating model, it makes it easier for you to systematise how you deliver value to your members hereby increasing membership retention and growth.


Last week, I mentioned visiting a club for drinking people with a speaking problem. What impressed me outside of the drinks was that they had clear personal development plans for each of their members. In fact, one of their members Michael told me he had joined the club because he thought it was a wonderful group of people to share a beer with. However, after a while, he appreciated the profundity of Toastmasters evaluations which he says has since transformed his relationship with his wife. One of the older folk in the club was now his ‘marriage mentor’ and he said he can’t miss any club events because his wife will literally chase him to his club event if he contemplated not attending.


We can break professional development into 2, corporate career development and business development. I admired a mentor/mentee relationship at one club called Executive. A young and ambitious young man paired with a successful corporate leader nearing their retirement. This young man could never miss club events even if the mentor didn’t always attend his events as his career development was hinged on the Toastmasters programme. At my Entrepreneurs Club, our VPE is responsible to ensure that every member has a clear business development plan with the club. This is what informs what we include as part of our event programmes, what you need to put in as a member and the person(s) we pair you with to help you accomplish your business goals.


When you help your club helps its members achieve their personal, career or business development plan, they will like Past International President Helen Blanchard said never leave Toastmasters.


Share with me, what plan are you on? And which path and people are part of this plan?

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